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"Aluminum Molding" and "Wood Molding" are for installation on the wall, either at ceiling height or at eye level.

"Aluminum Molding" accepts "Lock-On Rod Sleeves""Dual-Rod Sleeves", "Long Hooks", and  "Molding Hooks".

"Wood Molding"accepts “"Ogee Rod-Sleeves" and "Molding Hooks".




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Aluminum Molding Eight Foot

EIGHT FOOT LONG MOLDING Each molding is EIGHT Feet Long (8'-0 long).  It's available in eight foot lengths, in quantities of ten or more moldings per order.

Three stock powdercoat colors available.  Plus Unfinished Aluminum that can be installed as is, for the popular "industrial look",or you can paint it to complement your surroundings.  You can cut it on-site with a hacksaw, as needed.

 Starting at $26.99.

Six "Standard" mounting snaps and one nylon joiner included. Because of our packaging process, each length of molding is certain to include the correct number of snaps prior to shipment. We very strongly suggest checking all of the packaging materials prior to discarding those materials. Additional nylon mounting snaps are $1.50 per set of six snaps and a joiner  Order "HD" Brass Snaps  if mounting to concrete, brick, plaster, or curved walls etc.

Screws and anchors not included.






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EIGHT FOOT LONG MOLDING Each molding is EIGHT Feet Long (8'-0 long) and designed for a contemporary look. Available in eight foot lengths, in quantities of Ten or More Moldings per order. Measuring only 1” on the face and 3/8” from the wall, the Molding is almost invisible. A hidden new mounting system makes mounting or repositioning a snap. You can cut it on-site with a hacksaw, as needed.

You can hang rods or cables from this molding, so you'll need Lock On Rod Sleeves at the top of each rod or cable.

Six standard Mounting Snaps are INCLUDED with each molding.

Requires six #8 or #10 Flathead screws (not included) in a length appropriate for your wall construction. You will need six screws per each   length of horizontal molding.


You can paint Unfinished Molding to match your area. If installed as unfinished, expect the possibility of surface scratches and scuffs.

The molding is 1 inch high and sticks out from the wall 3/8 inch.

Colors shown above from Left to Right: Unfinished aluminum, White Powdercoat Paint, Gray Powdercoat Paint and Bronze Powdercoat Paint.

Part # Finish Each
551-8 Unfinished-8 $26.99
554-8 Gray-8 Powder Coat Paint $32.99
555-8 Bronze-8 Powder Coat Paint $32.99
556-8 White-8 Powder Coat Paint $32.99

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Other Items You May Need:

LockOnRodSleeve1.jpg Lock-On Rod Sleeves

The Lock On Rod Sleeve is designed to hang from Aluminum Molding

Starting at $5.99 each...$50.00 per 10 pack.


Set Screws  :
For the Lock-on rod sleeves, Ogee rod sleeves, and the other types of rod sleeves, each sleeve comes with a Set Screw (also called an Allen Screw).

We send along a hex wrench with each shipment.





End Caps

The End Cap set is designed to add a finished touch to the  Aluminum Molding.

Please note End Caps are available as TWO END CAPS per Package.


$1.00 Quantity:
Rod1.jpg Fiberglass Rod

Fiberglass Rods are priced based on length. Fiberglass rods will take care of 90% of art display requirements. 

Starting at $3.99

Rods are solid fiberglass with color impregnated throughout. Choose a Sleeve for each rod will need one.



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