Picture Hanging System

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The Walker Display picture hanging system requires the use of "hooks" or "holders."

These components (excluding Ceiling Hooks) are used in conjunction with Moldings, Rod Sleeves and Rods/Cables to make a complete picture hanging system.

Note that "Ten-Packs" have the screws in Small Bags which are stapled to the Paper Identification Tag. Orders that are less than a "ten-pack" will have the screws in the hooks or holders.


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Spacer Rods

The Spacer Rod is designed for stabilizing rods when using two rods on a single picture.

Starting at $12.99



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Spacer Rods can be used in combination with two Hi-Hooks and two Rods to aid in the stability and appearance of hanging large pieces. When large works are hung, the weight of the work tends to pull the Rods together. The Spacer Rod solves this problem by keeping the Rods apart at the point where the pull is the greatest. The piece can then be leveled easily and accurately. The length of the Spacer Rod is adjustable to accommodate different widths of pieces to be hung.

Length    Part #     Each
18" - 30" 324-18 $12.99
36" - 48" 324-36 $14.99

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